The topology allows easy interface to maritime industry standard equipment. The shaft cabinet is the heart of the system.

It can be supplied directly by 24VDC or 110-220VAC using a transformer in the cabinet. A local display can also be mounted in the door.

The recommended interface is LAN. This allows the most beneficial use of:
- Web interface

- GUI with easy to read gauges

- Graphical trend module, with minimum 10 year logging

- Analysis module for torsion and shaft behavior

- Lag free Modbus TCP server for pulling out instantaneous torque value by the milliseconds

- Seamless integration to other KONGSBERG systems

- Access to history database in SQL format

- Easy interfacing most vessel performance systems

Interfacing flow meters and other extra functionality by RS-485 fieldbus, is also done directly to this cabinet.

The torque sensors are easily plugged into the cabinet on designated connectors.

This makes the system versatile, all electrical connections are intuitive, using industry standard protocols.
A standard connection drawing for a twin shaft installation

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