The sensor:
- Rugged purpose-made sensor, manufactured in Norway by Kongsberg

- Individual photonic switches for detection of code-wheel edges

- Conversion of optic signal to electric, for easy cabling

- Super fast signal processing in designated circuits

The processor:
- Signal directly threaded to CPU from every sensor input channel

- FPGA based PCB in well-known Kongsberg design

- LAN & RS-485 interface, + digital input/outputs

- Applying known physics and mathemathical theory

- Capable of real-time analysis
The principle:
- The main principle is to measure the shaft twist between two points

- This requires accuracy of 1/1000┬░ twist

- Applying known physics and mathemathical theory

- The corresponding torque is calculated from measured twist

- The slotted wheels, and fast processing allows torque to be measured every single degree

- Real-time analysis of the torsion broken down to every degree of rotation, gives valuable insight in torsional vibration

<- Watch our product youtube video to understand more
Competitive benefits:
- Rough design, no glue, no delicate instruments. Pure mechanic installation

- No recalibration, no instrument drift, no wear and tear

- Easy re-assemble after shaft overhaul etc, can be calibrated by crew

- Shipyard or electrical agent easily be qualified for scope of job

- Modern design, intuitive HMI with many features.

- Kongsberg Maritime world wide service organisation

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