Shaft analysis module
- The shaft is designed for a maximum torsion

- The interaction between propeller and engine can cause excessive stress

- Looking at a torque value does not tell the full picture

- Torque is commonly filtered so oscillation or vibration is not registered

- With torsion analysis module, the instant torsion is registered and displayed

- Intuitive gauge provides the highest and lowest registered torque during revolution

- Avoid broken shaft! Warning if the oscillating forces gets too high

- Helpful to avoid critical RPM range, or monitor damage of propeller and engine

- A graphical view is provided to fully understand the torsion during engine cycle

- The RPM is also measured with same, high sampling rate, and can provide valuable information

- RPM analysis can be provided to any kind of equipment

Shaft deflection and orbit analysis: (Shaft behavior)
- The quadrature sensor array can give information about shaft relative position

- This is used for analysis of shaft deflection and radial throw

- User can set threshold which fit the application

- Useful for monitoring the shaft-bearings
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