"Engine power is the most important parameter when it comes to vessel performance"

A comphrehensive measurement tool

Obtaining a long-term, precise measurement of torque transferred by a solid piece of shaft-steel, is one of the most challenging measurements on a ship.

This measurement used for many KPI's when it comes to engine and vessel performance. Having a precise measurement is cruicial for the validity for making the correct descicions.

KONGSBERG has developed it's patented torquemeter over many years, with strong emphasize on long-term correct measurement, ease of use, and additional functions.
Obtaining data - Keeping data

ISO 19030-2:2016(E) defines delivered power as one of two primary parameters for measuring changes in hull and propeller performance.

The standard also specifies minimum data acquisition rates, which the data shall be recored with. For engine power this is 0.07Hz, or once every 15s.

MetaPower Quad has built in capacity to store such data for minimum 10 years. View the performance data in any relevant time perspective.

The system is of course ready to share data. Connect to it with industry standard Modbus TCP, use the HTTP interface or access the history database remotely with an SQL program. See more from the Toplogy tab
Made for maritime industry

A durable design with the end-user in focus, puts customer in charge. A yard or qualified crew can project, install and service the system with minimum need for support.

Standardized drawings and intuitive setup and calibration, leaves no need for expertize onboard. The installation and service is pure mechanics, no gluing of strain gauges or other delicate instruments.
A starting point for more functionality

MetaPower Quad was designed to utilize the principle of measurement for maximizing the outcome. Analyze torsion pattern in real time, or receive a warning if a shaft bearing is worn. This is all possible with MetaPower Quad.

MetaPower Quad are even able to analyze crank shaft torsion inside the engine, without need for expensive additional sensors.

Other exiting options are the very cost-effective fuel performance logger for main engine, where mass-flowmeters are interfaced and logged, or perhaps the clutch slip detection feature is of particular interest. Take a look at the options tab for more info.

Some functionality comes out of the box, while others are possible to upgrade at a later stage. Contact KM for more information.
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